Drugs Contribute to Downfall of 2016 County Sheriff Deputy of the Year

Nick Worthy, one-time Brevard County Deputy Sheriff of the Year in 2016 who was arrested in 2018 on charges of child neglect, drug possession (cocaine and marijuana) and drug paraphernalia, on March 13, 2019, agreed to a plea agreement of three years’ supervised probation. Extra conditions include requirements for a psychological evaluation and undergoing drug rehabilitation.

Worthy, who had lived in Brevard County with his girlfriend, Rachel Trexler, 32, was not only a decorated six-year veteran of the Brevard County Sheriff’s office, he is a U.S. Army Ranger veteran and had served five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The plea deal averted the possibility of Worthy being incarcerated for up to five years in prison. Prosecutors showed leniency when Worthy admitted neglecting his daughter and agreed to take responsibility.

Worthy’s arrest stemmed from complaints by neighbors who heard gunshots and a woman screaming for help. When deputies came to the premises with a warrant, their search turned up firearms laying out in the open, piles of dirty laundry, dog feces everywhere, bullet-riddled walls and residue from cocaine and marijuana. When officers searched Worthy’s car, they found cocaine.

Apparently, there had been several previous investigations of domestic disputes between Worthy and Trexler. After the March 8, 2018 incident and Worthy’s arrest, his child and three dogs were taken from the home. Trexler, who was no more cooperative with authorities than Worthy at the time, goes on trial this week for similar charges arising from the same incident.

Worthy was fired from his deputy’s job shortly after his arrest. Sheriff Wayne Ivey commented, “What was found was disgusting and deplorable. These were conditions no one should have been living in, especially not someone in a profession such as ours or someone that has a small child.”

Below are links to find help for anyone you know who may be struggling with substance abuse issues, or suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), which with Worthy’s history, seems a reasonable probability.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE HELP: Florida’s Network of Care

PTSD TREATMENT: University of Florida Health

Article Source: www.floridatoday.com